SES Space & Defense’s success, along with our customers’ and partners’, is achieved through four core values: integrity, honor, commitment, and success. These values are the guiding principles for who we are as people, as a united workforce, and as an organization. They are ingrained in our culture and guide all aspects of how we conduct ourselves and operate.



Integrity is our guiding core value and the absolute decision-making point of reference. It holds us accountable, defines our ethics, and shapes the strength, unity, and cohesion of our team. We understand our behavior and actions form a level of trust with our customers that is needed to help them achieve their goals. Integrity means that SES Space & Defense always delivers what we promise.


When facing challenges, we always take the high road. We demonstrate humility and accountability in all of our actions while respecting our customers, partners, and teammates. We hold ourselves to the highest standards as individuals and as a company.


We are committed to making a positive impact on our customers, their missions, and each other in order to achieve the goals against which we measure success. We demonstrate that commitment by establishing the standard of excellence that our competitors strive to emulate.


For SES Space & Defense, success is not only a result, but also a core aspect of our culture. We win and celebrate our success when we achieve our goals, our customers’ goals, and our partners’ goals. Integrity. Honor. Commitment. We embrace our core values along with a passion for winning through excellence, quality, customer-focus, stewardship, diversity, workplace equality, respect, culture, personal accountability, teamwork, and leadership. Our financial, cultural and operational success today forms the foundation of tomorrow’s successes and our long-term prosperity.