The External Referral Award Program (Program) offers a one-time referral payment to individuals unaffiliated with SES Space & Defense (SES SD) to help SES SD attract, hire and retain outstanding talent throughout the United States. 

Referral Process: 

Referral information will be submitted through the External Referral Award Program. 

Our Talent Acquisition team will contact the candidate and instruct him or her to apply online through the SES Space & Defense Careers website, reflecting the referring individual as the referral source. 

The Candidate must affirmatively inform SES Space & Defense of the identity of the individual by whom they were referred. 

If more than one eligible individual refers the same candidate and such candidate is hired by SES Space & Defense, the referral payment will be issued based on the time stamp of the referring individual’s submittal (provided the referred candidate completes 90 days of employment). 

Required Information: 

To be eligible for a referral payment, the referring individual must provide the following information at the time of the initial referral:

  • Referrer individual’s name and contact information (phone number and email address) 
  • The candidate’s full name 
  • The candidate’s contact information (phone number and email address) 
  • The referring individual’s relationship to the potential candidate 
  • The job identification(s) to which the referring individual is referring the candidate 
  • The candidate’s resume (and other documents, if applicable) 
  • Referrals that do not include the required information or are not properly identified will not be eligible for a referral payment. Referrals are valid for 12 months from the date of submission.

Payment Terms: 

SES SD will pay a one-time referral payment, up to $1,000 (gross), to the eligible referrer. Occasionally, in the Company’s sole discretion, the referral payment may be increased, but shall not exceed $10,000 (gross). Referral payments exceeding $1,000 require approval by SES SD VP, People & Culture and SVP, Finance & Accounting.   

The referring individual must complete and return to SES SD an IRS Form W-9 (and any other documentation SES SD may require) in order to receive the referral payment.  SES SD will provide a Form W-9 to the referring individual once the referred candidate commences employment with SES SD.  

SES SD will process the referral payment within 30 days after the referred employee completes 60 days of employment and the required documentation has been completed and submitted.  Payments will be made on a 1099 basis and paid by direct deposit or check.  

Tax Liability: 

The referring individual is responsible for any and all tax obligations associated with the referral payment. SES SD will report referral payments to the appropriate federal and state tax authorities on a Form 1099. 


Acceptable file types: DOCX, PDF, Image and Text files

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Subject to the conditions and exclusions set forth below, individuals who refer a candidate to SES SD who is subsequently hired by SES SD as a regular, full-time employee, in a billable/direct on contract role, and remains employed with SES SD for no less than 90 continuous days, are eligible to receive a one-time referral payment from SES SD. 

The referring individual must be a legal resident of the United States and must be least 18 years of age.  


The following individuals are not eligible to receive a referral payment: 

  • Applicants 
  • Current SES SD employees and their immediate family members 
  • Any person engaged in providing professional staffing, recruiting or placement services 
  • Referrals of the following types of candidates are not eligible for referral payments to the referring individual: 
  • Self-Referrals 
  • Candidates previously referred by a current SES SD employee 
  • Referrals from professional staffing, recruiting or placement services 
  • Current applicants to SES SD (if they have applied to any position at SES SD within the 12-month period prior to referral) 
  • Current or prior contractors, consultants, or temporary employees 
  • Service provider to SES SD (if they have provided services to SES SD within the 12-month period prior to referral) 
  • Current or former SES SD employees 
  • Immediate family members of a current SES SD employee 

This Program, including the terms and conditions set forth herein, are subject to change or termination at any time at the sole discretion of SES SD. 

SES Space & Defense, Inc. is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued.  We are committed to building a workplace where equal employment opportunities are available to all applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.  

At SES Space & Defense, we believe that a diverse and inclusive environment makes us a stronger Company. We embrace different points of view, respect one another in the workplace, and understand that an inclusive environment furthers creativity, innovation, and business performance.